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Rotary Encoders and Audio Components

CUI has a broad offering of Rotary Encoders and Audio Components including: Buzzers, Microphones, Speakers, Audio jacks & plugs, and 3.5mm mid-mount low profile Audio connectors. CUI also has reputation for doing quick modifications to standard products and full custom.


CUI's AMT Series is a range of rugged, high accuracy modular encoders available in incremental, absolute, and commutation versions. The AMT Series is not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil that typically plague encoders in industrial environments.

Combined with an operating temperature range from -40°C up to 125°C, high accuracy, simple assembly, and low current draw, the AMT provides a compelling solution for a range of industrial, automation, robotics, and renewable energy applications.

Depending on the Series, you can get up to 16 or 20 programmable resolutions up to 4096 PPR, which allows you to buy 1 part # and program the exact resolutions per your application.


CUI is an electronic components manufacturer, based out of Tualatin, Oregon.

Products available in:
Texas & Mexico

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